Natural Treatment for Gallstones

22 Mar
Image of a gallbladder containing stones. The bile duct is red and inflamed as a stone is lodged in it.

You can’t hold food down, and the pain beneath your right lower ribs feels like a dull-edged sword lodged amid your flesh. Your doctor has run every test possible, and still cannot find anything wrong. Sound familiar? If your symptoms include nausea, vomiting, clay-colored stools, and a severe onset of pain, you may have developed […]

Winning the UTI Battle for Good

12 Jul
Winning the UTI Battle for Good

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are one of those reoccurring nuisances that most people would give their last dollar to avoid. The good news is that you have options—good options that can set you free from the UTI rollercoaster for good. If you have suffered a deluge of one UTI after another, you may have been […]

Diets That Just Make Sense

09 Jul
diets that just make sense

When it comes to trying diets, I’m well versed. Believe me, I’ve tried nearly every diet out there, but there are a few that just make sense. Before my car accident, I was never overweight. Twelve surgeries later, and an overuse of morphine and antibiotics played havoc with my metabolism. Now, fighting obesity is a […]