About Us

We are a circle of families and friends who have relied on natural medicine for ourselves and our relatives to stay healthy. None of us hold doctorates, nor do we ever claim to be experts.We are, however, certified in herbology, homeopathy, and nutrition. What we do offer are generations of experience and known remedies.

For centuries, we have used food, herbs, oils, and natural remedies to maintain our health and treat common ailments that occur. Our children and pets have never been subjected to inoculations, nor have they seen a medical doctor since they were born. Only a century ago, we relied on our elders for advice about common sicknesses and minor injuries. Today, people rely on medical doctors for any kind of treatment. It is important to teach our children about nutrition and common remedies so that these valuable skills are not forgotten.

We are not against traditional medicine, but we are not reliant on it to stay healthy either. If we are in an accident, we are not going to treat the injuries with herbs and oils, we are going to see a doctor. Modern medicine has made great strides toward saving lives. We applaud them for that, sincerely.

What this site is designed to do is educate people on how to heal themselves. Many people over 50 are on some sort of medication. We have members of our family who are well over 60 who do not take any medication. They are still active and thrive today.

How many folks have you known who were feeling much better before they were convinced they needed medication to survive? We know several who spend more money on medicine than they do on their mortgage.

Be aware that medication and herbs do not always play well together. Before you embark on our suggestions, please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking medications or if you are pregnant.

Our Views On Medicine

In ancient times, we relied on plants and minerals to maintain our health. The foods we ate contained valuable sources of vitamins and nutrition that are void in our foods today. Our population has grown, and farmers have had to conform to the trend of planting genetically modified seeds to produce crops that are pest resistant and offer high yields. The earth in which these crops grow is sadly depleted of minerals, and therefore, offers little to the plants we now eat. What this means to us is that we need to supplement our diets with quality vitamins and minerals—ones that are derived from raw healthy plants. In short, the foods we eat today are causing many health conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Arthritis, Cancer, and more.

Traditional vs. Natural Medicine

Traditional medicine is modern medicine based on science. This form of medicine is practiced by medical doctors. When you have an acute condition, such as a stroke, accident, or heart attack, it is best to see a traditional physician.

When you want to stay healthy or treat common conditions, such as colds, flu, arthritis, chronic pain, and so on, it is best to stick to natural medicine, based on years of experience and success.

Man Made vs God Made

Man has invented some fabulous things. Where we fall short, however, is in trying to improve upon what God has provided for free. For example, we have forgotten how to forage for our food. Our knowledge and instincts have been replaced by the convenience of supermarkets where we can purchase fruits and vegetables that should not be in season. Some may think this is a blessing, while others believe it’s a curse.

Just like nature has seasons, so do our bodies. We are designed to eat what is currently in season—what we can forage for. When we feed our bodies food that is not in season, we introduce fuel to our body that it isn’t prepared to process or even use. The result is excessive fat storage, disease, and compromised immune systems.

Here’s a fun little tidbit for you. A small handful of Siberian Minor’s Lettuce, something that grows freely here in Washington, has more nutrition than an entire head of Romain Lettuce. When my mate and I go backpacking during the spring and summer months, we forage for our food and are constantly surprised by how little we need to sustain and satisfy us. As we walk, I gather the plants, placing them in containers with a bit of water so that the plants stay fresh. By the end of the day, I have quite the harvest to enjoy for dinner. Some we eat raw while others we cook with some dried meat, potatoes, or other ingredients we bring with us. Please, do not wild forage anything that you cannot positively identify. We studied under a professional who taught us what we could eat and what we shouldn’t. Please, learn wild foraging from someone who knows what they’re talking about. It is a skill worth learning.

Okay, back to medicine. God gave us plants and minerals to help keep us healthy and strong. Man took what they considered the primary constituent, the part of the plant that cures a particular condition, and created isolates called pharmaceuticals. Why is this a bad idea? God created plants as a whole to give us what we need. Plants are in-tuned with the earth, the seasons, and other elements that will benefit us the most. If you harvest a plant in spring, it provides different percentages of constituents than if you harvest that same plant in late summer. For this reason, the FDA and AMA will not endorse plants as a whole for therapeutic uses. In short, the constituents in plants cannot be controlled or guaranteed for potency. In other words, plants cannot be registered, owned, or controlled—plants cannot be used to make the kind of money that pharmaceuticals can.

Pharmaceuticals come with many side effects, herbs offer few if any. This is due to the presence of other constituents that work in harmony with the main constituent the plant offers. The number one cause of death in the United States last year was due to properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs—higher than cancer! Oddly enough, improperly prescribed medicine was not recorded, go figure.

Don’t get me wrong. Pharmaceuticals can save a person’s life in a critical situation. I just don’t believe we should depend on them for everyday survival.